Small Bowls in 5mm Thick Virgin Merino Wool Felt

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A bright and sunny catchall in luxuriously thick, 100% Virgin Merino Wool felt. All the understated elegance of thick wool felt in a cheery little bowl that will add a splash of color to any room.
Perfect for entryway, desk, bureau or night stand, this classy little catchall is luxurious and durable, soft and sturdy. Perfect for all those cluttery items that need to be kept organized but handy, such as keys, cell phones, loose change, jewelry, hair ties and more. Won't scratch delicate surfaces, but will look fantastic.

We have several of these in our home because we love old, beautiful solid wood furniture, and we love seeing the wood so we do not cover our pieces with doilies. Unfortunately this leaves them vulnerable to all the cluttery things hubby and kids like to keep handy. These soft but attractive catchalls were the perfect solution! Now we can see the wonderful wood finish and protect it too! Plus, the clutter is gone.......or at least contained!

Features 4 working buttons which allow the bowl to lie flat for storage or travel.

Available in all my 5mm colors and 4 sizes.

SMALL bowl measures approximately 6 3/4" from rim to rim and 2" deep.

Spot clean, hand wash cold or dry clean.