Large Bowls in 5mm Thick Virgin Merino Wool Felt

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This amazingly sturdy bowl is made from my 5MM thick, 100% Virgin Merino Wool Felt from Germany. Pleasingly simple design, with 4 working buttons that allow for flat storage or travel. Buttons shown are light option, can also come with dark buttons.

We have several of these in our home because we love old, beautiful solid wood furniture, and we love seeing the wood so we do not cover our pieces with doilies. Unfortunately this leaves them vulnerable to all the cluttery things hubby and kids like to keep handy. These soft but attractive catchalls were the perfect solution! Now we can see the wonderful wood finish and protect it too! Plus, the clutter is gone.......or at least contained!

Approximately 9 3/4" from upper edge to upper edge, 2 1/2" deep.

Shown in Anthracite, but available in any of my 24 vibrant colors.

Spot clean or dry clean.

What customers are saying:

"Thick felt, this is a nice deep bowl, it's surprisingly sturdy. This was my second purchase here, both were easy & quick."