10" Round Mouse Pad in 5mm Thick Merino Wool Felt

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So what do you do when you find yourself using someone else's desk for a day and their mousepad is an icky, thin, plastic...thing....and you are used to a warm and wonderfully thick, felt mouse pad? But there isn't a felt mouse pad to be found? Well, in my case, I grabbed a nice thick, round felt sample I had with me, and........I will never go back to a rectangle mouse pad again!

I love the larger size, the space, the feel....and so I offer, to those who would like to join me outside the 'box', the 10" round, 5mm thick, 100% Virgin Merino Wool Felt Mouse Pad.
Comes with a slip restart backing.

NOTE: Felt mouse pads may not work optimally with super sensitive gaming mouses and Apple's Magic Mouse.